Zaini Hats – Snow Day Review


On This Snowy Day We Testing The Famous Zaini Hats

Since the exclusive interview with Miranda Harper (creator and owner of Zaini Hats) and due to the flurry of Snow seen in the UK. We at Hard Lives thought it only fitting that the best way to test & review several of the Zaini hats was to venture out into the snow with our Zaini Hat’s in place to keep our head’s warm.

The hats in question that are being put through their paces at Hard Lives HQ are the “Raasay”, “Thistle” and the Headband “Jock”. As we mentioned in our original interview with Miranda the Zaini hats are created using the crochet knitting technique which, if nothing else adds a personal, handmade hat that feels as great on as it looks.

zaini hatsThe Hats and Headbands come in a huge variety of styles, colours and knit finish. Ranging from £15.00 to £26.00 the hats are a very modest out lay for what is set to be 2013 biggest trend setter!

The reason for the price variance, amongst other things is down to the lined finish of the differing styles of the hats and headbands. The fleece lining found on several of the styles covers the first 2 inches of the inner hat lining which is perfect for keeping your forehead/back of your neck warm, we found the additional lining adjusted the size slightly for a baggy look but with a snug fit.

The crochet knit finish (purely down to its design) is a “large knit” to which the knit can be slightly opened up and “baggy” which is exactly the style Zaini Hats are famous for, but the big question on the Hard Lives minds was – does the large knit allow cold air into the hat?

Well after several snow balls to the head and a couple of runs down the hill on a sledge we can confirm that although the knit is large our heads stayed very warm and no obvious heat was escaping from our hats nor was a breeze felt.

The hats are a great present all year round whatever the weather. Due to the hats taking on a fashion “lifestyle” status the hats can be worn on the piste or on the beach! Hey why not even wear it whilst relaxing in the Big Brother house?

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