Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 5 to an iPhone 5s?

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The iPhone 5s – Should we Upgrade?

The latest addition to Apple’s smartphone range is the New iPhone 5s. The main question everyone seems to be asking, Should we upgrade to and iPhone 5s from an iPhone 5 or 4S?

Well let me start by saying i have owned every iPhone since the 2G, the standard protocol for me would be getting the upgrade within a week of the new phone being released. This being said the iPhone 5s is the only handset which i didn’t immediately buy, i waited over a month after the release date before upgrading. My reason being the specification on Apple’s website didn’t seem different enough to warrant the cost of upgrading. By the “cost of upgrading” i mean paying off my old contract early just to start a new contract and get the new iphone (this is what i would normally do).

Don’t get me wrong, i believe the iPhone 5s is better than the iPhone 5 in every way. It’s faster, lighter, richer and features new materials with a new design. Although the new look is similar it gives a nicer and more expensive feel. I like this new prestige design which has slightly improved the ergonomics. I’m glad they didn’t make it too big like the galaxy smart phone‘s, i would hate struggling to stretch my thumb across the other side of the screen to type.

My answer is Yes, if your an Apple fan who would appreciate the new features or you like the latest bit of kit, i’d say it’s worth it. But if your not that bothered, don’t get it because it’s not that much different.

What can i do with my old iPhone 5 once i’v got an upgrade? Don’t hang on to it, sell it! iPhone’s hold there value better than any other phone. Even if yours is all scratched up, there is always someone in the second hand market for an iPhone. The best place to get rid of it is ebay, but you can also try amazon, craigslist or gumtree. Getting the most money for your iPhone is easy, make it more valuable by having it unlocked before you sell it, this can add up to 20% to the sale price. Some service providers will do this for you after you have upgraded, if not there are plenty of other ways of getting it unlocked.

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