MailChimp Alternatives – MPZmail is a better and cheaper alternative

The best MailChimp alternatives are not only cheaper but tend to be better for email marketing. We have been using MPZmail as an alternative to MailChimp.

We already know there are MailChimp alternatives out there. But let me start by asking, what do you know about MPZMail? And have you ever heard about this MPZ Mail before. If you are interested in online marketing or business, surely you already know the term of email marketing. Or perhaps if you get this article from the search engines you may want to get an understanding of what is the best email marketing tool to be using.

MailChimp Alturnatives MPZMail Dashboard

Why are we email marketing in the first place?

Many say that email marketing is to enrich business communications, helping sellers market leads to a precise and efficient in terms of cost of product marketing. But what is email marketing it, how it works and why email marketing is more effective than advertising in traditional media, as well as why the con entities need to take the time to build a data base of consumer email? Email marketing occurs when a company or seller to send messages to a group of business people use electronic mail . All types are categorized into email marketing email if the email was intended to build customer loyalty, trust will be a product, or the development of a brand. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your customers which at the same time you keep promoting your business. Now this is why i have been looking for MailChimp alternatives for a little while.

With email marketing methods, you can easily get closer to the market without the worry will spend a lot of money, space and time. There are many examples ranging from email marketing message to thank you for purchasing a product, until the message thank you for commenting on a blog / website. Every email you send should contain business information that you run at the end of the email. It is easier for consumers to find out more about your business. Email marketing can also give you an idea of what the consumer interest. For example, you give special discount price information by email to customers, you can monitor anyone who makes a purchase through your series of email marketing.

MPZMail is turing out to be a better alternative

mpzmailMPZmail has brought significant changes in the methods of making money online, where the success or failure of e-mail marketing activities you do can affect the size of your income. Or, more broadly advanced email marketing can affect whether or not an online business.

MPZmail’s a form of direct marketing using electronic mail as a medium to deliver the message. Or in other words, every message that is sent in bulk to the subscribers / customers can be categorized as email marketing. In the internet business, email marketing is often at identical in conjunction with mpz mail system. Due to mpz mail system allows an online marketer to set strategy and direct mail delivery scheduled for all subscribers.

Email marketing activity can be enabled in order to:

  1. Improve the relationship between merchants with new and old customers to encourage customer loyalty to respond back new information.
  2. Acquiring new customers or convince potential customers to take immediate action.
  3. Join ventures with other marketers to exchange information on their respective contact lists.

In the process of email marketing, we often hear the term permission marketing. That is a method of sending emails that have gone through the process in which the email recipient agrees to receive any info sent. Permission in marketing is the key method, it’s highly recommended by the expert marketer to minimise spam activity. The process of permission email marketing can be done through an opt-in e-mail that has been linked to mpz mail system. Opt-in email is the term used when a person is given the option to receive e-mail sent in bulk, usually in the form of mailing lists, newsletters, or advertising. Obtain permission before sending e-mails is very important, because without the permission then every email sent to all be classified as spam.


So what is the differenced of mpzmail with mailchimp? MailChimp is a free email marketing service that is interesting, designed with simplicity in mind. The interface is warm and inviting with a comical cartoon chimp as their mascot. MPZMail is also free but designed for the people of the Google generation. More than 30,000 users and 10 million emails served. I first found MPZ Mail while looking for mail chimp alternatives. Email Marketing is one of the best methods for marketing your blog and your product sales, so you just can’t ignore it. Top bloggers use it to drive traffic to their blog and sell products. More recently, we have been using the MPZMail mobile app, mainly because I’m always on the road. You should really give this a go and hopefully our experience is what you get.

All sounds very interesting is not it? Imagine how cheap to send email to thousands and even millions of email addresses. Try to compare with the delivery of thousands or millions of letters through the post address?

It is not as easy as imagined. In addition to the complexity of the design itself email and send emails to the right people, make the person reading the email and respond to your message is not easy. Analysis of the statistics can help us find a step by step what diingikan by Consumers. Of course, we must not forget the Authorization of the email recipient.

What’s authorization?

Email Marketing is responsible for starting of a way to respect someone’s privacy. This is a very complex issue that continues to be debated by the various email marketing community. In essence, you need the permission of the owner of the email address before you send commercial email to them. If you do not have permission, then the recipient can treat your email messages as spam; You do not want to send Spam is not it? Examples of authorization is when consumers buy products online and also select the option “Send me interesting product related information updates via email”. This would give you the authorization to send an email to the owner of the email address, then you must also provide a feature to remove the authorization or commonly called the unsubscribe feature. But don’t worry about the authorization because with mpz mail, you can find this kind of feature. Therefore it is a safe and reliable email marketing tool that you can rely on if you are serious to grow your online business.

In conclusion i believe that MPZMail is one of the best Mail Chimp alternatives.

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    Great article John, I’v seen two other positive reviews just like yours. I’m going to run a trial in my office, i think this could be the beginning of great things.

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