Miranda Harper Owner Of Zaini Hats – Entrepreneur Interview

Miranda Harper Zaini Hats

Miranda Harper  is the Owner of the successful lifestyle brand Zanini Hats

Have you ever heard of Zaini Hats? If your answer was yes then this exclusive interview with Zaini Hats Founder Miranda Harper will be an interesting read to you. If you answered No then you, more that anyone else should be reading and hopefully realizing what you have been missing out on.

Miranda Harper is a seasoned Piste lover turned crochet queen. From growing up in Edinburgh to then furthering her education at Newcastle University Miranda has always been a driven individual, once finishing University Miranda decided to follow her heart and embark on becoming a Ski instructor.

Miranda Harper Zaini HatWith several seasons under her bindings and whilst enjoying her 2010 Ski season Miranda Harper unfortunately suffered a Knee injury which, as you can imagine stopped her season unexpectedly.

Although unexpected and without realizing it Miranda had taken the first [although very painful] step to founding a lifestyle company that had no boundaries, even if she had not realised it yet.

Apart form skiing Miranda had a hidden talent, a talent that would now stand her in good stead for the future and ultimately would shape the design of the future. Whilst being out of action Miranda realized that she could not find herself a beanie hat that she thought was baggy and colorful enough whilst being stylish on and off the piste.

With all these very un-expected occurrences and injuries Miranda Harper decided to begin knitting herself a hat that would fit her expectations. Miranda found herself buying the required wool from the local shop to which Zaini Hats was initially born.

After producing several different hats for herself, Miranda’s friends and family started asking her to make beanie hats for them to wear as they were large and colorful and nothing like any of the hats that were available to buy at the time.

“I was making hats and they were starting to sell really well”

After returning to the UK and still with a high demand for hand made hats within Miranda’s friend and family circles Miranda decided that this was, if done properly a business she would be interested in launching.

“I returned home to the UK and decided to make a go at it, it took me six months of research, business trips to China and the mandatory paper work to set up the company. Looking back on it all now it all happened very quickly”

In order for Miranda Harper to make any success of a possible hat company Miranda asked all the right questions to friends and family who advised her to go to China to explore the manufacturing opportunities available to her.

Although Zaini Hats are produced in China, due to the Crochet Knit style by which the hats are created (giving the large Knit style distinctive to Zaini Hats) each Zaini Hat is hand made and individually inspected, by hand for consistency.

Miranda Harper decided that she would spend at least a month in China exploring said possibilities in order to walk away with a manufacturing agreement, to which, after many samples, Miranda did just that.

“Touching down in Shanghai was very scary, but I knew I wanted to do everything right in order to make the company work”

What’s the use of a great hat company is no one knows about it? This, like many other new businesses can be the make or break scenario. How to get the business name into the world so that people know about the company and buy the products on offer (hats)!

Miranda’s business model is successful and has all but remained unchanged since day one.

“We trade via our website and have a presence at all the summer festivals, surfing events and seasonal events across the UK”

Second year sales have been very high and now into the companies third year of trading Miranda Harper is very confident for the future whilst following the same business model as she started with. If it works why change it?!

With a huge social media presence and huge web sales, Zaini Hats has become a lifestyle brand in its own niche market. Although hats are regarded as a item of clothing to keep warm Zaini Hats has broken the mold turning hats into a fashion accessories and a necessary lifestyle piece that looks as good on a snowy piste as it does on the high street.

And with individuals such as JLS, One direction and the cast from Made in Chelsea all owning a Zaini Hat the question we have to ask is. Why haven’t you got yourself one?

Looking to the future Miranda Harper and Zaini Hats have expanded into a “Zaini Kids” range or hats ranging from beanies to headbands and slippers. And Miranda is exploring the possibilities of unique hoodies to expand the Zaini lifestyle brand to other “must have” items.

Keep an eye on the Hard Lives Home Page as Hard Lives in association with Zainin Hats is reviewing several of the top picks from Zaini Hats current range of lifestyle goodies!

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